For over 30 years, Joel Kennedy Constructing Corp. has provided the Lake County and Greater Chicagoland areas with first class construction services - on time and on budget.

Main & Service Installation

JKC has installed hundreds of miles of new and replacement water, sewer and storm mains and ancillary services, including DIP, PVC, fPVC, steel, RCP, and HDPE. Installed pipe sizes have ranged from 6 to 84 inches, with depths ranging from 5 to 25 feet.


JKC has in-house crews experienced with concrete flatwork, concrete curb and gutter, ADA ramps, asphalt paving, and landscaping. JKC also works with multiple long term subcontractors specializing in specific restoration tasks. No project is too big or too small for JKC.

Complex Excavation

JKC is known in the Chicagoland area the “go to” underground contractor that can successfully handle deep, complex excavation with engineered earth retention systems. JKC has installed shafts in excess of 45 ft. JKC has very experienced team of engineers, project superintendents, operators, foremen and laborers on staff, who can successfully and safely complete any complex excavation project. We are also experienced in hydro excavation and have the equipment on-hand to for projects as they arise.

Directional Drilling

For over 20 years, JKC has delivered pipe installations using directional drilling - methods that are least disruptive to surface grounds and greatly reducing restoration costs. JKC has installed pipeline under rivers, roadways, and existing developments, where open-cut techniques would be exceptionally difficult, if not impossible. JKC has an experienced team in place to complete even the most complex drilling tasks. Installed pipe size ranges from 6” to 84 inches. JKC has directionally drilled DIP, HDPE, PVC and fPVC, and successfully pulled pipe in excess of 1500 feet.